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Back in school...

2008-10-20 - University

I'm back in the MAC-room. I'm starting to love these computers! It was a bit tricky in the beginning before I got a hang of how they worked. Right now, I'm using one of their 24", and it's HUGE! Perfect while working with graphics etc... 

I've just handed in a home exam in Communication and User Interfaces, the last of the four parts in this course. I think I should get a good grade in this course... It has to be my turn now, right(?), since math and programming aren't my best friends :P I'm WAY better when it comes to things that are written and handed in, reports and such. 

Finally some real pizza!

2008-10-12 - Uncategorized

Drive, drive, drive your car gently down the road... hmm? ;P I've been visiting my mom and dad this weekend back in Degerfors. It was a real quicky! I headed up there on Saturday and not even 24h later, I drove back to Norrköping... Mom wasn't too happy about the short visit tho, I think she misses me ;D

I haven't been that social either... I've been sitting in the kitchen, studying! The only other thing that I've been doing is eating :P Hehehe I like being pampered with good food when I get home! And as always when I'm home, I just have to get some REAL pizza (compared to the shitty ones they serve in this town ^^). Mom also made one of my favorite dishes which I don't even know how to spell, I think it's Makloube, and an awesome chocolate pie with peers. THANK YOU! 

And while I was sitting inside, my dad was out taking care of my car... Time to change the tires! THANKS to you too :D

In the magazine!

2008-10-06 - Media

It's been a lovely day! :D The sun is shining and it's pretty warm outside. School wasn't too bad either and we got home again around 13:30 :) After having pizza with the guys, again ^^, I think I should eat nothing but soup for a couple of days :P


Getting home to my place I found another letter on the floor, and this time it was the magazine which interviewed me a few weeks ago :D Just click on it and enjoy!


You've got mail!

2008-09-29 - Gaming

When I got home today I was pleased to see that there was a letter on the floor - with a DVD ;D Now I can watch myself whenever I feel that I want to laugh and have a good time :P Haha wanna watch it with me, anyone? I've got a lot of popcorn... 

Les Seules - Come and Play Us

2008-09-27 - Media

It's been a while since it was broadcasted on the TV, but I couldn't help but giggle when I found this on YouTube. This is the end result for the music video that we made to our own song which we tried to record. I must admit that it's weird to hear myself in the chorus, but still... 

It's not THAT bad!!! 

Computer Graphics - Completed

2008-09-17 - University

I just found out that I managed to complete a course called Computer Graphics with the grade 4/5. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

This is what I've been doing in this course... Making different shapes of things by making and building my own polygons with mathematical methods interpreted in JAVA-labs ^^ Soon I'll be ready for my first awesome movie effects... Riiiight! :P  

Cocktail Bar - Manesa

2008-08-23 - Restaurants

When it comes to actually execute stuff that my friends and I decide to do, we really suck... Yesterday we planned on watching the fireworks, again, and guess what, we missed ‘em - again!

There's a carnival going on in town which results in hundreds of stands and even more people running around with beer cans in their hands. I'm not really into that kind of party, so my friends and I went to our favorite bar Manesa, and ordered in a few drinks. I had an acid drink with strawberries and lime, a special frozen daiquiri served during the carnival which included strawberries, pineapple, and raspberry, and I finished off with a damn delicious Baileys drink with Koskenkorva and pure cream!!!

How did you spend your late-night hours?

München Hoben

2008-08-22 - University

After taking the test I was pretty surprised to find out that Emil had fixed two tickets for me and Albert to München Hoben - a huge party with ~5000 students from the University of Linköping and Norrköping. Albert and Emil picked me up and then we headed over there... I think we queued for almost two hours, but it was well worth it! :D 

Jeans from the 8th grade...

2008-08-13 - Uncategorized

A while ago I decided that I wanted to fit into some old jeans of mine (jeans from the 8th grade or something like that ^^) so they've been hanging in my closet reminding me of my "goal". And guess what... Yep, you're right, it's the ones on the dreamy pic!!! WOHO !


Finally a real kitchen!!!

2008-08-07 - Interior

It's done, it's finished... I finally got an oven AND a dishwasher! It's soooo worth every little penny I've spent on it. And thank you, Dad, for helping me with it!

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