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Fundamentals of physics 8th

2008-10-29 - University

It's been a while since I had time to write anything here. I've been kinda busy a few days with nothing and everything. I've been looking for this book that we need for our physics course – Fundamentals of physics 8th Edition and it's almost impossible to find it. The few ones that the school sold disappeared faster than lightning, so yesterday I skipped a class and headed to town to look for it. In of book stores they sold it, for f**king 1799;- !!! HELL NO! So I headed to the next place who also sold it (but with at least 2 weeks delivery) with student reduction, now it won't cost more than 500;-


--- UPDATE (11/11) --- 

I finally got it! The book that weighs 2,5kg and consists of 1328 pages in advanced English!!! 

The bookstore at school, which was supposed to have the same amount of books as there were students taking the course, sold out the very first day they got 'em and left numerous of students without. I've counted the problems that should have been solved up until this week - and there are 103 of them... Time to work I guess... I'm f**cked!!!

Back in school...

2008-10-20 - University

I'm back in the MAC-room. I'm starting to love these computers! It was a bit tricky in the beginning before I got a hang of how they worked. Right now, I'm using one of their 24", and it's HUGE! Perfect while working with graphics etc... 

I've just handed in a home exam in Communication and User Interfaces, the last of the four parts in this course. I think I should get a good grade in this course... It has to be my turn now, right(?), since math and programming aren't my best friends :P I'm WAY better when it comes to things that are written and handed in, reports and such. 

Computer Graphics - Completed

2008-09-17 - University

I just found out that I managed to complete a course called Computer Graphics with the grade 4/5. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

This is what I've been doing in this course... Making different shapes of things by making and building my own polygons with mathematical methods interpreted in JAVA-labs ^^ Soon I'll be ready for my first awesome movie effects... Riiiight! :P  

München Hoben

2008-08-22 - University

After taking the test I was pretty surprised to find out that Emil had fixed two tickets for me and Albert to München Hoben - a huge party with ~5000 students from the University of Linköping and Norrköping. Albert and Emil picked me up and then we headed over there... I think we queued for almost two hours, but it was well worth it! :D 

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